2D / 3D Video Games


SpeedRun Neo-Tokyo


Designer and Artist



An infinite runner that I built from scratch using Clickteam Fusion 2.5 and Photoshop CC as an asset creation demo. The game generates scenery procedurally from sets of background pieces, and gets faster and faster until you crash ;-)

The 'scanline' effect will come across best when viewed full screen.

Music: "Kiyoko" © LE MATOS, 2014 https://soundcloud.com/lematos


JailDog projects


2D / 3D Artist



The 3D snowboarding game is Clearahill, built to advertise SKB brand Clearasil. The game was played within a web browser and I was responsible for modelling and animating assets, using 3ds Max.

The 2D game is Relief Racer, built in Flash to advertise another SKB brand, Nurofen. I created the assets in Adobe Illustrator.

The cel-shaded 3D characters were created for a pitch to an online gambling company.

Clearahill in action

Female boarder

Low polygon – around 1000 polys

Rigged and animated in Character Studio

Male boarder, built in 3ds Max

The complete course, built with NURBS. 3ds Max.

Relief Racer, a fast-paced Flash game. I was responsible for the assets in Adobe Illustrator.

Low-poly wireframes of the character

Cell-shaded models for a pitch. Built in 3ds Max.